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IBM Unveils WSDM Tools for SOA Management

Saturday, December 17, 2005

IBM has released a new Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) development kit which includes the IBM Autonomic Manageability Endpoint Builder and Endpoint Simulator. The builder tool allows developers to build WSDM interfaces for resources such as servers, applications and printers while the simulator tool creates a WSDM-based testing environment.

"This Eclipse-based tool allows a developer to easily connect the WSDM standard format with the unique capabilities of the resources to be managed. The Manageability Endpoint Builder then creates the XML definitions, on which the endpoint run time can operate in a WSDM-compatible manner. The manageability endpoint run time is a Web services-based run-time environment for WSDM- and AC -compliant touchpoints and can run on any platform with a SOAP engine (Apache Axis and OSGI )."

The toolkit is freely downloadable from IBM’s alphaWorks site.

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