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CFP: Special Issue on Security in Grid and Distributed Systems (JPDC)

Monday, December 12, 2005

The proliferation of services and applications in both Internet-based and ad-hoc based environments has been bringing network and system security issues to the fore. The past few years have seen significant increase in cyber attacks on the Internet, resulting in degraded confidence and trusts in the use of Internet and computer systems. We also expect to see more attacks and threats on the coming wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks soon because of their resource constraints.There is a consensus that a key contributing factor leading to cyber threats is the lack of integrated and cohesive strategies that extend beyond the network level, to protect the applications and devices at system level as well. There is an increasing demand for measures to guarantee the privacy, integrity, and availability of resources in networks and in distributed systems, such as Grid, P2P systems, andwireless sensor networks. This special issue will cover various topics on security in Grid and distributed systems.

Submission deadline has been extened to December 16, 2005.

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