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Friday, January 06, 2006

I would like to introduce HowForge.com to all you here. It is my new home to share my thought and collection of know-how. For example, development, product, programming tutorial, software review, and many more.

The most recent post is about Grid Computing Deal of EMC and Acxiom and Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 SP15 Full Java Edition.

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Grid computing can aid complex applications

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The next level, and biggest payback, is often referred to as "fine grain" parallelization. This is more difficult than coarse grain because it requires that the application itself be modified.

This challenge is especially significant for applications that drive critical decision-making. Examples include R&D strategies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, risk and portfolio balancing decisions in the investment industry, and exploration choices in energy development.

In all cases, these models tend to be intensely complex and algorithm-specific. Simply splitting the inputs is not enough to meet elapsed time reduction goals. At this level of complexity, chunking the application may significantly reduce the elapsed time -- and may even give different results.

To take advantage of grid computing, these complex applications require more sophisticated analysis and an implementation toolkit. This is especially true for Monte Carlo-based algorithms that use very specific random number generators; non-linear (quasi-Newtonian calculations) such as non-linear mixed effect models; and linear algebra-based calculations, or geometric calculations used for molecular dynamics. For these, the answer lies in a new concept: the application grid, the latest evolution on the road to more effectively exploiting the capacity made available by the processor grid.

The application grid is independent of the processor grid; it not only parallelizes the computation, enabling it to run across multiple CPUs -- it also retains the mathematical integrity and provides the necessary granularity to achieve the reduced elapsed time results and scalability.

By enabling even the most complex, mission-critical business applications to leverage the resources made available by the processor grid, while avoiding any costly and time-consuming "application surgery" and retaining all algorithms and underlying logic, the application grid offers companies the best of both worlds -- faster and better decisions.

IT Manager’s Journal | Grid computing can aid complex applications
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IBM and Universities Launch Latin American Grid Computing Initiative

Building upon the company"s effort to foster world class research and create leadership opportunities for Hispanic students in information technology and engineering, IBM today announced it is teaming with Florida International University, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, University of Miami, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Monterrey Tech to invest in the Latin American Grid initiative.

The LA Grid (pronounced "lah grid") program will link faculty, students and researchers from the world renowned IBM T.J. Watson Research Centers across the United States, Latin America and Spain to collaborate on innovative industry projects for applications in areas such as health care, life sciences and nanotechnology; and in regionally-specific concerns like hurricane mitigation. The use of a shared research and educational platform based on grid computing technology is made possible through Shared University Research awards intended to foster collaborative research and innovation between academia and industry.
Hispanic Business - IBM and Universities Launch Latin American Grid Computing Initiative
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Grid Adoption in Business Sector

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

For CIOs looking for a success story of grid in business sector, Bank of America could be the best story. This success story was mentioned in Taking the Right Angle on Grid Computing. Currently, Bank of America has 300-node grid for risk-analysis project.

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UE researchers explore concept of a grid for Southwest Indiana

Monday, December 26, 2005

Researchers at the University of Evansville are trying to find out if Evansville area businesses and institutions are interested in participating in a computer grid that could be used to help solve extra-large computational problems.

The Institute for Global Enterprise at the university is in the early stages of exploring the concept of a grid, said Kristina Setzekorn, assistant professor of management information systems, director of the Global Assistance Program.

Setzekorn said if there is interest, the university may use student groups to study the proposal further and see how it could be organized and work in Southwestern Indiana.

The establishment of a grid in Southwest Indiana could be used to attract high-technology development to this area, Setzekorn said.

CourierPress: Business

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Murex Integrates Platform Symphony grid computing solution

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Platform Computing, the world’s largest grid computing software provider, and Murex, a leading provider of cross-asset trading, risk management and processing solutions, today announced a technology partnership that will allow common customers to significantly improve the efficiency of complex risk calculation models. Through the integration of Platform Symphony, Murex will be able to offer customers broad compatibility for grid environments, lowering latency and overhead, while increasing overall efficiency in pricing calculation restitution. The announcement marks a collaboration agreement between two leaders in their respective space, combining to offer a best-of-breed of grid computing solution for the financial services market. "Platform’s grid system provides common customers the ability to better run their complex valuation and risk management models, by providing the underlying foundation needed to create a scalable IT infrastructure that promotes the efficient use of all resources," said Maroun Eddé, Managing Partner of Murex. Chris Purpura, vice president of new ventures and alliances at Platform Computing added, "We share a number of customers with Murex and look forward to enabling those customers to improve performance of their pricing systems. This relationship also introduces us to many new companies around the world that would benefit from the power of grid computing technology."
Bobsguide News item

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Media Grid

The Media Grid is a computational grid platform that provides digital media delivery and processing services for a new generation of networked applications. Built using Internet and Web standards, the Media Grid combines Quality of Service (QoS) and broadcast features with distributed parallel processing capabilities. Together these features create a unique software development platform designed specifically for networked applications that produce and consume massive quantities of digital media.
Media Grid : Home Page
Unfortunately, development details are available for members only.
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CFP: 20th International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS 2006)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

ICS is the premier international forum for the presentation of research results in high-performance computing systems. Now in its 20th year, the conference also includes invited talks, tutorials, workshops, panels, and exhibits. Cairns, Australia---the sunny garden city where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Wet Tropics Rainforest---will host the conference in 2006.

Papers are solicited on all aspects of research, development, and application of high-performance computers and computation:

  • Architectures including power-aware, parallel I/O, grid-based, web-based, continuous monitoring, self-healing, fault-tolerant, embedded;
  • Productivity including benchmarks, performance evaluation studies, specialized languages, program development tools;
  • Software including compilers, operating systems, schedulers, runtime optimization;
  • Applications including numeric and non-numeric, scientific, biological, industrial, massive sensory processing;
  • Theoretical underpinnings of any of the above topics as well as analysis and experimental evaluation of systems.

Important Dates

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Grid Adoption in Singapore

The dearth of business applications has been described as “the biggest show stopper” in promoting grid adoption amongst enterprises.
“People say: ‘Show me!’ And that is the most challenging part,” says Lee Hock Soon (left), partner development manager with Oracle Asean. To address this, Oracle, Sun and AMD recently teamed up to establish a Business Grid Showcase aimed at presenting grid-enabled applications to independent software vendors and businesses.
Grid computing comprises multiple levels such as the storage grid, data grid, computational grid, application server grid as well as provisioning and management tools.
According to Dr Lee Hing Yan, project director, Pilot Platform, National Grid Office (NGO), given the current state of computational grids, certain applications are more readily suited and amenable to harness the technology. Users include pharmaceutical companies (for example, for drug discovery), oil exploration firms (for the analysis of geological data), financial companies (for undertaking value-at-risk calculations for a complex set of portfolios using Monte Carlo simulation techniques), and other commercial ventures with huge computing jobs.
Laurence Liew (left), chief technology officer of Scalable Systems, also points out that enterprises doing engineering design and research are already making use of software that is already running on cluster grids. These include applications such as Fluent for computational fluid dynamics, Cadence for electronic circuit design and simulation and many others. And in the peer-to-peer world, technologies such as Skype are also based on PC grids.
But it is the area of data grids that presents the most potential for business applications. Data grids or data virtualisation provides a layer of abstraction between databases and users, allowing transparent access to data residing in multiple physical databases at different geographical locations, says Lee of NGO. “The flexibility and ease-of-access will enable firms to manage their data sources without modifying the applications.”

Computerworld Singapore - The elusive business grid

Grid Computing has been promoting extensively in Singapore leading by National Grid Office. Many vendors are adopting Grid into their products, e.g., Oracle, Sun, AMD, IBM, SAP, and many more.

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Mining biotech's data mother lode

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
The BioGrid project brought together six partners from the UK, Germany, Cyprus and The Netherlands to address one of the key problems facing the life sciences today.
IST Results - Mining biotech’s data mother lode

This project is sponsored by EU.

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