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World Community Grid heads to AIDS

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

COMPUTER giant IBM has introduced a "World Community Grid," a new research initiative using millions of computers worldwide as one virtual supercomputer devoted to AIDS research.The World Community Grid is the first initiative using grid computing focused on AIDS research - an Internet-based project, dubbed FightAIDS@Home.IBM is collaborating with the Scripps Research Institute, a private, non profit research organization engaged in basic biomedical science based in San Diego.Using the World Community Grid to harness the computing power of millions of computers around the world, the research project aims to find new AIDS therapies to derive chemical strategies effective in the treatment of HIV-infected individuals vis-a-vis evolving drug resistance in the virus.The Scripps Research Institute Olson Laboratory has been focused on developing new therapies to prevent the onset of AIDS in individuals infected with HIV.
IBM joins fight against AIDS with grid computing initiative - INQ7.net

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