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Grid Adoption in Singapore

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
The dearth of business applications has been described as “the biggest show stopper” in promoting grid adoption amongst enterprises.
“People say: ‘Show me!’ And that is the most challenging part,” says Lee Hock Soon (left), partner development manager with Oracle Asean. To address this, Oracle, Sun and AMD recently teamed up to establish a Business Grid Showcase aimed at presenting grid-enabled applications to independent software vendors and businesses.
Grid computing comprises multiple levels such as the storage grid, data grid, computational grid, application server grid as well as provisioning and management tools.
According to Dr Lee Hing Yan, project director, Pilot Platform, National Grid Office (NGO), given the current state of computational grids, certain applications are more readily suited and amenable to harness the technology. Users include pharmaceutical companies (for example, for drug discovery), oil exploration firms (for the analysis of geological data), financial companies (for undertaking value-at-risk calculations for a complex set of portfolios using Monte Carlo simulation techniques), and other commercial ventures with huge computing jobs.
Laurence Liew (left), chief technology officer of Scalable Systems, also points out that enterprises doing engineering design and research are already making use of software that is already running on cluster grids. These include applications such as Fluent for computational fluid dynamics, Cadence for electronic circuit design and simulation and many others. And in the peer-to-peer world, technologies such as Skype are also based on PC grids.
But it is the area of data grids that presents the most potential for business applications. Data grids or data virtualisation provides a layer of abstraction between databases and users, allowing transparent access to data residing in multiple physical databases at different geographical locations, says Lee of NGO. “The flexibility and ease-of-access will enable firms to manage their data sources without modifying the applications.”

Computerworld Singapore - The elusive business grid

Grid Computing has been promoting extensively in Singapore leading by National Grid Office. Many vendors are adopting Grid into their products, e.g., Oracle, Sun, AMD, IBM, SAP, and many more.

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